Monday, 12 May 2014

How to Register GAME KILLER Memory failed 3 -13 Solution Android

        How to register GAME KILLER

↓↓open this ↓↓ to Know more about:-
How to register GAME KILLER any version.This registration works with all android version :)

People Who is facing problem like *ROOT PRIVILEGE* & MEMORY FAILED,3 -13*
Go to playstore and Update your SUPERSU then open your Supersu and it will ask you to install BINARY.Install binary in Normal mode reboot your devise then open game killer with no Memory failed :D

Steps -

1.Install game killer in your android

2.Install GAME SPECTOR In your android

Open your game spector and let it load and search for patches it may take 1-2 mints so be patience then open GAME KILLER in the list of game spector & APPLY The patch..once you apply the patch you can see your game killer will be registered and will work 100%

↓↓Download GAME KILLER↓↓

↓↓Download GAME SPECTOR↓↓

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