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How to Download MORTAL KOMBAT X in Android mobiles

↓↓Steps to download Full MORTAL KOMBAT X↓↓

*Restart your Android mobile
*Download & Install Latest Google play store
*Download HOLA.apk in your android
*Open Hola app 
*Open Google playstore via Hola
*You have to change country from united states to Philippines or Nigeria
Again restart your phone , open hola / playstore
*Search for Mortal Kombat x & Download :D
**Note** After changing the country if you don't see mortal kombat x in your playstore kindly restart your mobile & open playstore via hola again :)
**If you got any problem then Kindly Click on CONTACT DREAMS FACTORY to reach us**

↓↓Download Hola Premium.Apk ↓↓

↓↓Download Link 2 ↓↓

↓↓Download latest Play store.Apk ↓↓

↓↓Download Link 2↓↓

How to Download MORTAL KOMBAT X in Android mobiles
2nd METHOD For North & south America

↓↓Click here to Download the 2nd Method for Mortal kombat x↓↓

↓↓Download Link 2↓↓

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